Spehar is a unique program that can not be successfully administered without such a high caliber and professional entitites supporting its mission. 

LION KING MINISTRIES: Lion King Ministries is nestled in the rural township of Pine Grove, Louisiana. Owner Lavergne King's "small slice of Heaven" graciously hosts Camp Spehar's annual training as well as many other community outreach programs that positively shape youths in the surrounding parishes. Serenly situated on 1000 acres of  densly populat,ed pine trees lies 3 fully furnished houses, lake cabin, youth barracks that lodges 20 personnel, military style obstacle course and nature trail.


Camp Villere National Guard Post: Camp Villere provides an outstanding replication of what military living environment is like. Outfitted with three land navigation courses through swampy terrain, confidence course, military barracks and chow hall for 200 recruits, live fire shooting ranges and rappel towers, Camp Villere is an exceptional training venue for our future leaders.

Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Analysis (VATA):VATA offers top tier tactical training for civilians in open enrollment and private settings. If you're looking to advance your skills with any firearms platform, we offer a wide range of courses or we can custom design a training package to suit your specific needs.


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