Here are testimonials from some of our outstanding candidates:

Austin Johnson, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"If I had to give an explanation of what the Camp Spehar NSW Challenge was like, I could simply summarize it by saying it was the best and worst experience I have ever had.  The program is physically demanding to say the least; there is no way of getting around it either, which is the epitomizing factor of this course.  It taught me to be comfortable being uncomfortable and that although some challenges may hold physical limitations by your body, no obstacle is ever impossible for your mind to overcome.  Although, not all of the course is getting wet N’ sandy (a saying you will become all too familiar with if you attend the program) it includes opportunities such as class time and one-on-one talks with the instructor staff which had me soaking up every bit of information I could coax out of them.

The instructors, comprised of a former U.S Navy SEAL, former and active duty marines, and other Navy veterans, gives you the opportunity to be around some of the best men I’ve personally ever met.  These said instructors have a genuine concern for not only the future of our country, but the futures of the young men that go through the program, which is especially evident in the one-on-one talks they routinely have throughout the course.  Although at times it may not seem like it, their biggest concern is each cadet’s safety, as I saw no one sustain serious injuries and/or experience even moderate signs of hypothermia.  Nowhere in the country is there a program like this, and it truly does deserve emphasis when I say it is the best thing I have ever done; teaching me values such as integrity and personal drive, all the way to learning what it’s like to cover yourself head to toe in mud in less than thirty seconds.  George Patton once said, “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.”  If you’re one of those people whose career path may lead you to war, I suggest your training start here."


Tim Fernstrom, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"This course is awesome, I love every bit of this experience, everything.  Now this course is very challenging in many different aspects that makes people have to take the lead.  I like the leadership role as I am striving to better myself in this area.  It also teaches people, or me, that you can go on without sleep, being warm, being dry, being pushed and still carry on to meet the objective.  The accomplishments that I have made are more mental than they are physical.  I have proven to myself that I can withstand many walls that do not effect me anymore."


Joseph Florida, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I believe this camp truly challenges you to find your breaking points.  I learned that things are possible even if I am physically and mentally exhausted.  This program allows me to experience what my heros had to go through to get where they are now."


Pearson Pelloat, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I think this course is a great program and it has challenged me and allowed me to challenge myself both physically and mentally.  Through the program I've accomplished pushing myself past my breaking point and I've learned to deal with and control fear, stress and panic.  The course has allowed me to get a taste of what BUD/s will be like and given me a chance to see if Naval Special Warfare is the right career field for me.  Overall the course is an amazing program and I am glad I chose to go through it, it has been a great experience.  Camp Spehar provided me a new outlook on leadership.  True leaders don't bark orders from the sideline but they lead by example and they lead from the front.  Leaders set the bar and they lead through teamwork.  They lead with their men by their men and for their men.  Spehar changed my idea of teamwork and showed me that no one man can operate alone.  The men to our left and right, your brothers, are all you have to get through the hard times.  Living, eating, and training together for 7 days turned a group of complete strangers into 10 of the closest friends I'll probably ever have.  The lessons, mentoring, morals and ideals of Camp Spehar will stick with me throughout the rest of my life and help to make me the man I want to be"


Kevin Boeringer, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I think that this was a tough course that was a gut check and was a stressful environment that pulled us into a team.  It was a no-joke challenge."


Ty Milligan, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I think this course is honestly amazing.  It does unchangeable things.  It makes you emotional, learn to depend on others, and get stronger mentally and physically.  I really feel as if it takes a man to pass this course.  Some of my accomplishments are facing my fears, finding my true brothers and helping them, most importantly I found that I broke my limits of mental capability.  I learned useful stuff, such as lifesaving.  I think every time I come to Camp Spehar SW Challenge, I get better at everything down to being a person, man and leader.  This course coudn't be harder or better."


Nick Kellner, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I think that this program gives a good gut check to all the young men who want to serve in special operations units.  It gives good training tools for the students to use not only in the course but also throughout life.  The program to me is very personal.  I remember helping out with the first Camp Spehar at Camp Singing Waters.  It has also taught me that my mind is stronger than my body and has allowed me to better realize what I want to do with the rest of my life.  I learned a lot about myself from an internal level. I learned how strong my body actually is.  I learned the sidestroke and how to keep comfortable in the water.  I learned to appreciate what and who I have in my life supporting me and being there for me."


Dylan Achord, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I think this program was very challenging and that it helped me to realize that I could push myself much further than I previously thought I could.  I am happy to have been brought so close to my brothers by the adversity of the program.  I learned new techniques on how to self-motivate.  I learned how to sidestroke with and without fins and how to save a drowning victim.  I learned that a small team is better than a large group of individuals.  I feel that Camp Spehar has given me a new perspective on life."


Collin Gauthier, Camp Spehar SW Challenge 2014-2015

"I think the course is tough, but keep it that way because only the people who want it that much and bad will make it through.  Some of the accomplishments I made was being able to motivate my shipmates and pushing through some evolutions that not many people will do."


William "Catfish" Catoir, Support Personnel Camp Spehar SW Challenge

"Camp Spehar has a tremendous effect on the young men who both go through it and the young men who staff it. I have learned a tremendous amount about the naval special warfare community and how they operate and carry themselves every day. They have taught me to carry myself with pride and dignity, if I would not have staffed Camp Spehar for the last two years I would not have learned the combat side stroke or how to rescue swim, and in turn would not have been able to save a young boy from drowning. This program has motivated me to lose almost 100 lbs. and drove me to be a better person all together. I believe this is the best program for young men who aspire to be in the military to go through to know exactly what they would go through in the military. So in conclusion, we have forged a bond with one another that will never be broken and have learned a tremendous amount about the NSW community and how they carry themselves and we know what it takes to be better leaders for the future of the Navy because of this program and the men who make it possible, we are better leaders for tomorrow and many days to come. I as an individual will do everything I can for this program because I've seen what it can do to help young men become better leaders and teach them to work as a team and not an individual."

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